Judith Orloff, MD

Author of Positive Energy

"Freedom from Food is a complete, well-conceived, practical, mind-body-spirit program that will help you gain mastery over food and attain overall peace and well-being. Patricia Bisch is a compassionate, wise teacher who walks her talk."

Barbara De Angelis, PhD

NY Times Bestselling Author & Transformational Teacher “How Did I Get Here? Finding Your Way to Renewed Hope and Happiness When Life and Love Take Unexpected Turns"

"We all have a relationship with food whether we realize it or not. In her wonderful book Freedom from Food, Patricia Bisch offers wisdom, clarity and down-to-earth advice that will help you to understand and significantly improve your relationship with food, your body, and the process of living itself."

Candace Pert, PhD

Author of "Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d and Molecules of Emotion: The Science of Mind/Body Medicine"

"Freedom from Food shifts the paradigm for how we think of food, dieting and weight. The book views food as fluctuating information and energy instead of solid, dense matter. Patricia Bisch is a powerful voice pioneering in an important area of mind/body consciousness."

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author of "Emergence and Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential"

"Freedom from Food is a small masterpiece. It takes us into a deeper field of reality where thought creates and applies principles and practices to the most physical aspect of our lives. Demonstrating this "Quantum Weight Loss Approach" not only serves to regulate our bodies but also our whole lives. I recommend it to everyone."