a quantum weight loss approach

by Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT


Judith Orloff, MD

Author of Positive Energy

"Freedom from Food is a complete, well-conceived, practical, mind-body-spirit program that will help you gain mastery over food and attain overall peace and well-being. Patricia Bisch is a compassionate, wise teacher who walks her talk."

Barbara De Angelis, PhD

NY Times Bestselling Author & Transformational Teacher “How Did I Get Here? Finding Your Way to Renewed Hope and Happiness When Life and Love Take Unexpected Turns"

"We all have a relationship with food whether we realize it or not. In her wonderful book Freedom from Food, Patricia Bisch offers wisdom, clarity and down-to-earth advice that will help you to understand and significantly improve your relationship with food, your body, and the process of living itself."

Candace Pert, PhD

Author of "Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d and Molecules of Emotion: The Science of Mind/Body Medicine"

"Freedom from Food shifts the paradigm for how we think of food, dieting and weight. The book views food as fluctuating information and energy instead of solid, dense matter. Patricia Bisch is a powerful voice pioneering in an important area of mind/body consciousness."

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author of "Emergence and Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential"

"Freedom from Food is a small masterpiece. It takes us into a deeper field of reality where thought creates and applies principles and practices to the most physical aspect of our lives. Demonstrating this "Quantum Weight Loss Approach" not only serves to regulate our bodies but also our whole lives. I recommend it to everyone."

"I continue to lose weight (120 lbs as of now) and to recommend your work to friends and acquaintances. I'm so pleased your work continues to be available to the general public. It is unlike any other weight loss program and I feel you made an immeasurable contribution to my life and health. Wishing you continued success in your service to the world."

"I think that a support group is an essential component of doing Freedom From Food. We live in a culture that is inundated with 'Fear of Food' consciousness and messaging. Patricia's on-line conference call format is of invaluable help in strengthening our thinking from a new perspective, getting tips and support for following the program, and reconnecting with the truth of this work from the testimonials of other participants. I would definitely recommend this call to anyone doing the program on their own, and groups might use it as a way to empower their collective energy in a common direction."

"I'm glad you are offering this in book form. I've lost 110 lbs since I saw you last. "Freedom From Food" had a huge effect on me in this process, Now I can eat intentionally and when I don't eat I'm not hungry. It gave me a real option of choice both in whether to eat and in what to eat."

"I notice that even when I pick up the book to read it, I feel a shift in my body. Because I do believe in the principles that Patricia teaches, it is like I step into that "field" every time I'm around her book or the consciousness. So it's a powerful reminder to me on a sub-conscious level that I actually do have access to this connection between thought and matter. It's amazing to watch! I think I'll start sleeping with the book under my pillow."

"Freedom From Food is about learning to nurture myself and my body from a true place. It's about once and for all clearing the "food issue" and having the freedom and the power to live the life of my dreams now. It's about enjoying whatever food I might want to eat as never before. There really are no words to express the extent of this miraculous, transformational work. I feel very blessed to have found Patricia. Freedom From Food is now at the core of my spiritual practice."

"What this program taught me was a new mindset. It is so amazing not to beat myself up anymore. I used to be the first one to make fun of myself or point out what I perceived to be my bodily flaws. I spent so much time putting myself down. The most valuable thing that I learned from Freedom From Food was not to give food power. It just doesn't even enter my mind. I eat what I want and as much as I want. What drives me now is what makes me feel healthier. I don't always make the healthiest choices in the food I eat, but the choice not to give the food power or beat myself up is the healthiest thing I have ever done. This program has changed my life.

FFF has given me Freedom, period. It's amazing that when I became free from the obsession of food, I had much more time to be productive in other areas of my life. We are usually not aware of all the negative talk we have created in our heads until we are given the gift of Patricia Bisch and this program. This is the miracle we have all been searching for."

"It is 20 years later that I am sharing my thoughts about the Freedom From Food program. I am still feeling healed with no desire to go on a diet or weigh myself. For me it was really a mental healing as well as a physical healing. I was always obsessive-compulsive about my body and consumed with the problem of weight and overeating. I was a fanatical workout person. I was in the gym 6 days a week doing weights and aerobics plus running, biking and stairs. I could be classified as an exercise bulimic. I would even exercise at night at weird hours. I felt fat and full. I always had to be on top of it. I was so upset and consumed with my body, always asking friends if I looked fat. I was afraid that I had to really keep controlled or I would blow up and never stop. A very big part of my life was spent dealing with this issue. I felt enslaved by food and weight. I was afraid that if I got fat, I would not be loved, and I knew I would hate myself. I felt I was not good enough. I was obsessed with my legs and thighs. I was always off balance eating and dieting, always looking and checking to see if I had gained weight. My eating consisted of binging and dieting over and over again. I was always on a diet.

When I took Patricia's class, the cycle broke, and I became free. I got an in-depth understanding that food has no power over me, and it has no power in and of itself. I remember looking at kids who eat and eat and never gain weight. We dissected in a logical way old beliefs about food. I still remember the concept we learned that full does not equal fat. I don't consciously think of the principles I learned anymore, but I know they are there in my consciousness.

I haven't weighed myself in over 20 years. I so well remember how weighing can trap a person. I remember being astounded that I didn't gain 20 pounds after eating hamburgers, french fries and sundaes. After that time, I exercised but not neurotically or compulsively, and I ate what I wanted. I would eat a lot at Thanksgiving or Christmas or parties and never gain weight. I found that my body would just balance out. I believe that the extra food will just dissolve in the ethers. You don't have to burn it off; it just goes away. I found I can even just lie in bed and it dissolves. It's like air; it just goes in and out. I now understand that matter has no substance. Consciousness is the source of my freedom."

"It has been 4 years since I have been healed from my weight problem and giving food my power. I recently went through some devastating events in my life, which makes this story even more incredible. My father got cancer, I am completely remodeling my house and I am facing some deep feelings of aloneness. I know that without having gone through this FFF program I would have gone up at least two clothes sizes. However, I find I am still losing weight and now am a size 2. I am living proof that the body/mind connection is so powerful."

"Thanks to Patricia and her extraordinary course, I have experienced over 5 years of living in my perfect proportion while being free from any concerns over how or what I should eat. I've forever banished the word diet from my vocabulary and I've made it a point to no longer listen to outside sources to know what is true for me. I came to Freedom From Food from a desperate place, where the power I gave food ruled much of my thinking. I spent over 20 years being obsessed with being thin and finding the so-called perfect diet plan that would get and keep me there. But, no matter what I tried, the results were temporary and my mind, body and valuable time consistently paid a price. Today, I can honestly say I am free from food!! Through Patricia's classes, I have discovered that our bodies were miraculously created to handle anything and will always fight for our perfect proportions—if we resist all negative thought patterns and man-made beliefs about food. This miracle has forever changed my life! I am free to eat whatever I want, whenever I want! I am free to experience the fullness of life in a way I used to only dream was possible!"

"Patricia and I spend about 3 or 4 nights a week together socializing. These evenings always include meals. While I have gone through and follow well-known weight loss programs, Patricia eats at least twice what I eat and whatever she wants. She basically eats all the time. She eats snacks that I rarely touch. She eats ice cream, which I have given up! Her weight miraculously stays the same, while I go up and down… mostly up! I use menopause as an excuse, but we're both the same age!"

"I asked Patricia early on if she could give me one idea that I could use to start shifting my current thinking on food and weight in my body. She told me that just affirming that I trust my body to take in exactly what it needs and eliminate the rest is one way to start connecting. So I did it for one week, every day, every time I thought about food or weight. And in that week I actually experienced a shift in my body! I noticed when I stopped affirming this way, I experienced something different."

"I find that because I do have a foundational belief that we can create by thought, Patricia's book and program has immediately shifted my 'talk' about food and weight. I literally cannot say that I will gain weight from food, because I know how powerful that thought is. At the very least, staying positive about this amazing body's intelligence is so empowering, so whether I ever lost a pound of weight, I feel myself being much more honoring to myself about myself."

"I was struggling with some ideas about my eating habits and feeling a little heavy and out of shape, and out of control. Patricia asked me to just work with one principle, that of talking to my body as if I completely trusted IT to take in and eliminate everything it needed to to bring me to my natural weight. Within a day of doing this, I felt an instant shift in my relationship to my body, and my eating habits also changed, in some ways dramatically! It felt like my body was finally thanking me for letting it do its job, which it does so perfectly. Thank you Patricia!"

"This week I am re-visiting the 'don't look in the mirror' conversation- it's just amazing how often and unconsciously we do the automatic 'check-ourself-out' move- with mirrors, clothing, or body parts. Not only do we not have the eyes to see ( we see through a filter of our current emotional state) but it indicates a questioning of the stand we have taken. For me, this is the most critical part of the work, with Freedom From Food, and in my life in general. Being willing to trust myself , to stand in my truth and not waiver- no matter what.