Freedom from Food
A Quantum Weight Loss Approach
by Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT

Freedom From Food - CD Cover

This 2 CD set is designed to support your success in the Freedom From Food program.
1. Guided Visualizations, incorporating the FFF principles of how to eat whatever you want and not gain weight.
2. Affirmations for Healing
3. Healing Your Inner Child

1. Subliminal CD with Music in 3 Parts: Uses the same 3 parts as in the audible CD, but the words are programmed into the CD below the level of sound. You hear only the music and your subconscious hears the words. This creates a powerful support to help you hold your new consciousness about food while you relax or go about other activities.

"Freedom From Food is a small masterpiece. It takes us into a deeper field of reality where thought creates and applies principles and practices to the most physical aspect of our lives. Demonstrating this "Quantum Weight Loss Approach" not only serves to regulate our bodies but also our whole lives. I recommend it to everyone."
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author of Emergence and Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential