Patricia Bisch COVID Response

Patricia’s video response to the Covid pandemic.
She offers practical suggestions to help care for ourselves during these challenging times.

Patricia Bragg with Patricia Bisch

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Post

Apple Cider Vinegar Here I am with Patricia Bragg. I have been telling her how I love her products as they are pure and healthy. People have used her Certified Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar which is unfiltered, unheated, and unpasteurized to heal many health concerns as well as on food. Let me hear your comments!

Bragg Liquid Aminos

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

Healthy Seasoning: I use this instead of salt on so many foods. It is an excellent, healthy, gourmet replacement for Soy Sauce. Let me know what you think. It has my vote!

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How To Change Weight With Your Mind

Focusing Your Mind/Weight: Here’s a challenge for you! Think of a thought that you want to create such as “Everything I eat makes me thinner and lighter now.” Hold that thought for one minute which will start creating the feeling and energy that aligns your consciousness with that idea. Notice how it expands and begins to move you out of your wounded self where you feel like a victim of food and weight gain into a connection with a higher wisdom where you can co-create with the energy that forms your body and begin to move the energy into a different thinner feeling flow in the direction of the body you desire to manifest.

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

Crunchy Food !!! Need a food that is healthier and has crunch? I think these are great and they are made out of brown rice which is supposed to be better for you and they are baked. Have a munch and let me know what you think!

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

  YOGURT THAT IS DAIRY FREE AND GREAT!!! I wanted to share my new food tip that I was so excited to discover a few days ago. It is this dairy free coconut milk yogurt that actually tastes good. I like the plain the best. If I am going for health in a food it has to really be good enough to replace what I am giving up. This is truly delicious and it has 0% cholesterol. Let me know what you think. It gets my vote for sure!!

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

Craving Chocolate? These coconut chews are a delicious treat from Whole Foods bulk section. They are on the healthier side of foods to eat. They are coconut on the inside, covered  with unsweetened chocolate.  However, I wouldn’t buy too many as I found them hard to stop eating. Yum is my vote. Let me know what you think!

Food is Energy

“As I am exploring the nonmaterial world I am examining food, our bodies and everything  physical AS ENERGY. This energy is fluctuating so it is movable and changeable by the thoughts we think. In a sense our thoughts become a preview of what will manifest. So if you say to yourself, “I just look at those chocolate chip cookies and gain weight,” guess what? You are setting that possibility in motion. Are you thinking like velcro or like teflon? Freedom From Food: a quantum weight loss approach “Everything I eat makes me thinner and lighter now” Patricia Bisch

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

I have heard so many times now that Coconut Oil any brand but preferably organic is the best cooking oil you can use. Some people are even putting it on their face. I have used it to cook vegetables and even eggs. Also I have been told to take a tablespoon a day! Try it and let me know what you think!

Mind Creates Matter

I am sitting in my Sacred Garden listening to the rain as I imagine it cleaning away my old thoughts. (Think of your negative thoughts about food and weight). I freely let them go. What if I don’t fill this space with any thoughts and see what the universe brings me today. If I do add my thoughts I will keep them focused on what I desire already manifested and let the universe figure out the details of how I get to my desired outcome. I am the sculptor and the weaver of my form with my thinking. This is what I teach in my Mind/Body program Freedom From Food: a quantum weight loss approach. “I know that my body …

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Mental Focus & Weight Loss

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes. When you are focusing on a certain food you ate making you fat such as chocolate, bread, cookies, cashews  etc. you are directing  that energy to create that physical reality on your body. When you are focused on your clothes that are too tight you are constantly bringing what you don’t want to you. When you keep checking in on your body to see if you are gaining weight, you are attracting that energy to you. Watchers beware! Its time to Trust your body to eliminate all that it does not need and function in the magnificent way it was created. Freedom From Food.

Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

I love to use Stevia which is a natural herb sugar substitute in my oatmeal and beverages that need sugar. It comes in many brands and a liquid also. Try it and let me know what you think. It is an advanced eating weight loss tip!