Young Patricia

Bingeing or Inner Child Connection

Young PatriciaAs one looks further into bingeing, there is a desperation about it. When I am reaching for M&Ms it is to give myself something I want NOW as I am not getting positive feedback from the outside world or myself that is telling me that I am loved or that I am good enough in some way. Therefore, I am not feeling connected to good thoughts and I am often depending on getting them from the outside world. It is important to learn that when this is happening, we are usually being triggered back to a childlike state that is really desiring to receive some positive feedback from a parent. Since most of us didn’t get that in our childhood, in our adult life we must take time to sit down as a LOVING ADULT  and listen to why your INNER CHILD is eating out of control. You must listen from a compassionate place.

I bet that you will hear that she is not getting something from the outside world or you that she is needing. Let me know if this is true for you? In the face of no positive outside feedback that is reflecting our goodness, we often will habitually fill that space with negative feedback about ourselves and then eat.

Even if it is an afterthought after a binge sit down with your INNER CHILD and try the following weight loss tip:

“Listen to her wants, upsets, procrastinations, withdrawals and as her LOVING ADULT take an action to make her feel better. Let her know she did a good job or that she is enough even when she is not getting outside feedback or reflections.”

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