Emotional Eating

Weight Loss & Creating Sacred Space

Since I know that thoughts create in the body and in my life, I get up every morning and in my wonderful garden I first send loving thoughts to myself and my body. Do you have an every day practice to nurture yourself? This is such an essential key to weight loss. I have found that if I go out in my garden every day and turn my attention on the good things about myself and the positive things I am grateful for in my life a better flow happens in my day. This loving practice is the emotional mental food that sustains me and helps me make better choices in the food I choose to eat. If I can’t […]

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Ice Cream Sundae

Binging or Expressing Needs

Without a doubt I know that my bingeing was a way for me to handle the pain of feeling abandoned, unloved, alone, criticized and thinking I was not enough or defective. It soothed the anxiety that all of these emotions stirred up that were too much for me to handle. Maybe you can relate to this. I would love to hear from you. I wrote this passage in my book Freedom From Food. “Food is the glue that holds my fragmented parts together so I look whole and no one can see I am really in pieces. Part of me knows that I am hiding in the shadows of my isolate world, where things are not as they seem on

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Binging and Emotions

I noticed the other day that I was eating my old favorite binge food M&Ms. It is unusual for me after 30 years of being healed from my Freedom From Food program not to make a more advanced choice of food that makes me feel better. I am aware that I have been looking at the faults in others. I am feeling that my friends are not acting as I want them to and I am noticing the ways my boyfriend is not doing what I want either. I am focusing on everyone outside of myself and their faults. Have you ever done that? Having been healed of my weight problem for 30 yrs, I have learned at these times

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