Weight Loss & Creating Sacred Space

Since I know that thoughts create in the body and in my life, I get up every morning and in my wonderful garden I first send loving thoughts to myself and my body. Do you have an every day practice to nurture yourself? This is such an essential key to weight loss. I have found that if I go out in my garden every day and turn my attention on the good things about myself and the positive things I am grateful for in my life a better flow happens in my day.

This loving practice is the emotional mental food that sustains me and helps me make better choices in the food I choose to eat. If I can’t find at least 10 minutes to an hour in my day to center, listen to my Inner Child and send love to her, then I know I am not optimizing and open to the wonderful things and opportunities that are coming to me.

“Loving Yourself is the NUMBER ONE job you have in your life. Everything else you desire is created off of this loving act of kindness” Patricia Bisch

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