Binging and Emotions

I noticed the other day that I was eating my old favorite binge food M&Ms. It is unusual for me after 30 years of being healed from my Freedom From Food program not to make a more advanced choice of food that makes me feel better. I am aware that I have been looking at the faults in others. I am feeling that my friends are not acting as I want them to and I am noticing the ways my boyfriend is not doing what I want either. I am focusing on everyone outside of myself and their faults. Have you ever done that?

Having been healed of my weight problem for 30 yrs, I have learned at these times to check in on the emotions of my Inner Child and see what is going on with her. As I look inside I see that she is throwing a tantrum. She has been on her computer and organizing her office for days. I HAVE LOST THE VALUE IN WHAT I AM DOING and I am bored. Out in my garden, I remember why I am doing this office and computer work. It is to MAKE MORE ROOM FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS in my life. As I think this THOUGHT I begin to feel HAPPY again and of course my love for others starts flowing. Staying focused on the value of your daily activities is a key to staying in a positive flow of life so your weight is not effected by negative emotion.

“I am doing things in my life to create more Love and more Fun”

3 thoughts on “Binging and Emotions”

  1. Ivy Tomao

    I absolutely agree – we have to keep on trying to be positive and appreciative of what we do in our daily lives.
    It seems to be a constant training, right? Great post!

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