Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips

If you are in the stage of healing your food problem where you can start referencing specifically what happens to your body as you eat certain foods than these ADVANCED EATING TIPS are for you. Are you ready to make choices that enhance your well-being? In these choices you are not choosing foods to help you lose weight but your choices are made according to what makes you feel better. You will notice if the food gives you more energy, more mental clarity, more ability to focus etc.. For example:

TODAY’S TIP:   If I eat Rice Dream, or frozen Coconut Milk the next day I am still able to feel clear headed and able to focus. Whereas, if I eat regular ice-cream I notice that it makes me feel sluggish and sometimes foggy the next day.


1 thought on “Tuesday’s Advanced Eating Tips”

  1. Ivy Tomao

    I don’t think I’m in this stage… But it would be lovely to be able to choose food solely on what makes me feel good, centered or clear. What I do sometimes is to choose a specific tea to help me have more energy or to relax and try to sleep. But it’s more like a “taking a pill” kind of thing than really enjoying the tea itself.

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