Weight Loss & The Body Heals Itself

“The natural healing force within us is the greatest force in getting well” (Hippocrates)

“People who are thin (meaning in their perfect proportion rely on this pull in the body to always maintain their ideal weight. They never question it. They have a knowing that unneeded food will move right through them and not add extra pounds-and it does! I invite you to think like a thin person for a day and let me know how you do”!

“I remember learning about the body’s amazing ability to heal automatically when I was a small child. One day, I fell down and scraped my knee. Seeing blood on my knee was scary. I wasn’t sure what it meant or what would happen to me. However, soon I learned that no matter how often I fell down and scraped my knee, my body would somehow take care of itself. It would dependably send out white blood cells to kill the bacteria. My blood would clot, and my skin would form a scab. Then the scab would go away. No matter how many times I fell down, my body always healed itself like clockwork in an eloquent dance of health.”(Freedom From Food) Tell me about the times your body healed itself. And tell me times in your life when you remember eating and not gaining weight and your body took in the nourishment it needed from food and released the rest. Maybe when you were in Love, on a vacation, or you were a child.

“I am trusting my body’s natural elimination system to remove all excess weight and food that is not healthy for my body now!” Patricia Bisch

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